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The Performing Arts Program Information Center is the central point of contact for all artists, production managers and other culture makers in the independent performing arts community.

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SPECIAL: FAQ: Accounting, Taxes and Co.
Workshop with Lisa-Theres Wenzel (assistant tax consultant)
Time: April 25, 2017 | 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Ballhaus Ost, Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin

In this workshop, Lisa-Theres Wenzel will provide an overview of frequently asked questions relating to accounting and tax declaration.
Tax-relevant documents for preparation and processing will be explained, as well as the difference between operating expenses and advertising costs. The different types of tax declarations will also be explained. In doing so, Lisa-Theres Wenzel will go into special detail regarding receipts, forms, categories and appendices.
An additional field will be the proper submission of invoices, which will also be covered.
Individual questions can also be asked.

Maximum number of participants: 5



Industry Get-Together 2017: Call for Papers

Submission deadline: April 23, 2017
The 5th Industry get-together of the independent performing arts will take place in October.
As every year, we would like to put questions and issues center stage that affect and preoccupy you – the agents of the independent performing arts in Berlin. And so we are looking for suggestions for formats – well-formulated and to a specific issue.

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Brochure: Independent Performing Arts Made in Berlin

The information brochure is intended for industry professionals and increases the visibility of the Berlin-based artists, initiatives and organizations.

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Freie Szene Kompass

The Freie Szene Kompass (Guide to Berlin’s Independent Performing Arts Community) provides orientation and an overview of Berlins independent performing arts community.

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Rehearsal Space Platform Berlin

Space from the Community for the Community.


The Rehearsal Space Platform is a website for everyone who would like to offer, search for or book rehearsal space.


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We would like to promote your event within the Theater Scoutings Berlin program!

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Performing Arts Program

Advising, Networking, Strengthening: A Program for the Independent Performing Arts Community

The Performing Arts Program is intended for all independent theater and dance makers in Berlin and is specifically oriented to the circumstances and needs of the members of the community. We have worked to structurally strengthen and professionalize the independent performing arts and increase their visibility since 2013. Our established formats will be supplemented with new ideas as of 2016.

Consultation & Qualification – a Consultation Portal and an annual Symposium will supplement our existing offers of the Mentoring Program and Information Center.

Distribution & Marketing – supplemented by a Welcome Portal and an Information Brochure we will continue to expand our Proactive Marketing and our function as a Central Point of Contact.

Network, Transfer of Knowledge & Cooperations – the Rehearsal Space Platform and the Industry Get-Together will be supplemented by Symposia, Special Events and new cooperations.

Audience Development & Communication – alongside the monthly schedule of programming of Theater Scoutings Berlin, we develop new Target Group-Specific Offers and will pass on knowledge about communication practices on Symposia and in the form of a Handbook.

LAFT Berlin

The LAFT Berlin – Berlin State Association for the Independent Performing Arts e.V. – was founded in 2007. It represents the interests of its 360 members, including the essential performance venues, groups and independent artists of Berlin, in dealing with politicians and the public. It supports its members through networking activities, consultation, coordination and services.

More information about LAFT Berlin is available at