Performing Safety 2021

Performing Safety 2021

The pandemic is not over yet, which means that safety measures to prevent against infection are still necessary that pose especially large challenges to smaller and non-funded structures.
Building upon the experiences gained over the course of the project #performingsafety in the year 2020, Performing Safety 2021 has been collecting updated specialized knowledge since August, sharing it and documenting it in our Freie Szene Kompass guide. A series of workshops followed by rounds of exchange reacts to the current practical requirements and shares knowledge as well as strategies for reopening rehearsal and performance venues.
Over the course of initial advisement sessions, individual questions and concerns of small- and medium-sized production and presentation spaces can be discussed and, if necessary, passed on to experts or representatives of larger structures.

Performing Safety 2021 is intended explicitly for the performing arts and dance communities in Berlin. Representatives from other artistic disciplines that are also planning performative programming elements are, of course, also welcome to attend the workshops and the exchange formats. The workshops and exchange formats as well as the individual support and advisement are equally intended for regularly funded  members of the community as well as those who are not regularly funded.
The individual advisement and support by the project team and individual experts, however, is intended primarily for small- to medium-sized locations that are not regularly or structurally funded for presenting organizations and producers of decentralized programming who do not have their own venues.

Please send all requests for advice and registrations for events to: [at]


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Please send all requests for advice and registrations to: [at] ()