Event Series: Sustainability and independent artistic production – Online Formats and Sustainability! - Data, Money and Energy

Presentation & Discussion
30. June 2020 | 11:00 -

Event Series: Sustainability and independent artistic production – Online Formats and Sustainability! - Data, Money and Energy

Over the course of five online formats that build upon each other, the Berlin Performing Arts Program will deal with the topics of sustainability and artistic production. Building upon discussion from the time before the pandemic, climate- and resource-relevant challenges for artists, production managers, members of the community and the institutions of the independent performing arts will be analyzed. Climate-conscious action and sustainable transformation will be placed in a cultural policy context and together, approaches will be elaborated, demands will be formulated and perspectives beyond the current crisis will be presented.


As is the case everywhere at the moment within the independent performing arts, a great deal of video conferences are currently being of fered, a huge amount of content is being streamed and more than a few institutions are establishing a new digital infrastructure. This development brings with it new questions regarding resource-conscious and sustainable action.

in digital space, data is the central resource. What do event organizers and users have to bear in mind with regard to this? According to which privacy and ethical data principles should event organizers and users select video conferencing software and other digital applications? What can a resource­conserving IT infrastructure look like? Video conferences and streaming offers consumer a great deal of energy and the service providers vary strongly from each in other in terms of their approach to this. Who are the most energy-efficient service providers? A large number of the online formats currently available are free of charge. Art, however, cannot be given away freely in the long-term as the makers of art deserve to be paid like everyone eise and we have fought long and hard for many years to establish the minimum fee limits. What recommendations can we discuss together when it comes to arranging fees for online formats? What interesting financial models exist with regard to this?



11:00 am: lntroductory greetings and an overview of the series of events

11:05 am: How to choose digital solution and adapt usage considering environmental impacts - examplary study of webconference solutions.
Short presentation in English by Thierry Leboucq ( Greenspector)

11:15 am: The most important points with regarding to ethical use of data of software for online formats
Short presentation by Frederike Kaltheuner (expert, author, activist)

11:30 am: Fair compensation models for online formats? What developments can be observed here?
A round of discussion with Kira Kirsch (brut, Wien), Annette Kleffel (Technologiestiftung Berlin), Martin Finnland (theater maker, author) and Marcel Weiß (neunetz.com)

From 12:00 pm: Exchanges between the participants in small groups