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9. December 2022 | 14:00 -

Introduction in

With Fabian Rosonsky (director & production manager)

The pandemic has shifted many encounters into digital space. Going beyond static meetings on Zoom, the platform offers a wide variety of options for interaction, art and communication. Using a graphic-spatial interface, it combines classical video conference functions with a game aesthetic and multimedia objects. In contrast to the field of virtual reality, no special programming knowledge or special technical end devices are necessary in order to use it. Users can take part in a meeting via a web browser with just a few clicks or create their own online world and fill it with videos, documents or websites.
The workshop will provide an insight into the options and functions of, provide basic knowledge in working with the platform, discuss its potentials for exchange formats and artistic projects and will also provide space for questions. A shared excursion into the digital world will then make a direct impression and close out the event.

In German spoken language.

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