Theater Scoutings Berlin

Discover the other side of theater in Berlin.

Many potential audience members are curious about the independent performing arts community but are unaware of the venues and the names of the artists or are told too little by the titles of the performances. Theater Scoutings Berlin opens a path to the independent performing arts community in Berlin. In collaboration with over 30 cooperation partners, Theater Scoutings offers a monthly alternating schedule of programming. Post-performance discussions and pre-performance introductions, workshops and formats such as jam sessions or rehearsal visits are held. Regular tours of performance venues are also organized in order to awaken curiosity in the independent performing arts community.

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Are you an artist who wants to offer an open rehearsal with integrated feedback format?

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Nathalie Frank | Audience Development & Communication
Phone: +49 30 / 33 84 54 51 

Swetlana Gorich | Audience Development & Communication
Phone: +49 30 / 33 84 54 51