Open Call: Digitalization Triple III: ‚Political Space'

A laboratory series on the topic of the independent performing arts in the digital age

Target Group: Artists and culture makers within the independent performing arts community who would like to pursue specific questions and strategies that determine the relationship between art, politics and digital space.

Digitalization is omnipresent. It has changed the conceptualization, production, distribution and reception of art and culture. It does so as a function of the unlimited possibilities that it offers, but also carries the risk of a profound lack of clarity. Added to this is the fact that the expectations for art are rising as the result of political and societal crises: it should react to misunderstandings and ask itself the question as to whether and how it can be politically effective.

Digital space offers artists and culture makers opportunities to research the relationship between art and politics. This year, the Digitalization Triple will concentrate on political space. It calls for the exchange of knowledge and practice between the worlds of art, software development, Internet activism and science.

  • How can art create spaces for political negotiation in digital space?
  • How can sociopolitical problems not only be depicted, but also worked against consciously in an active role?
  • Are there intersections between the sociopolitical objectives of critical independent theater makers and Internet activists? Can we learn from and with each other?
  • How can art position itself independently from economic and social processes and structures that actually criticize it?
  • What role can digital space play in escaping an increasing economization of the art world, Eurocentric perspectives and globalization?
  • What role do trust-replacing technologies such as blockchain or liquid democracy place for art by creating alternatives to hierarchical space?
  • What influence does the increasing networking and interlacing of time and space have on narration?

Requirements for Participation:

  • Member of Berlin's independent performing arts community
  • Motivated to work on specific questions and strategies over the course of the Digitalization Triple that determine the relationship of art, politics and digital space
  • Previous knowledge and experiences concerning the topic desireable
  • Primary residence in Berlin for the coming months and officially registered in Berlin
  • Strong language proficiency in German

We ask you to submit a resume that illustrates your professional/artistic development as well as a statement of motivation (application form) which discusses your motivation for participating in the Digitalization Triple. The questions regarding the relationship of art, politics and digital space should be clearly stated in the statement of motivation.

Applications can be submitted until July 10, 2018.

Applications can only be sent by email to beratung(at) via the application form.

To the application form.

A selection from the applications will be made by the coordinators of the program in cooperation with the respective experts from the Digitalization Triple.

Schedule Overview:

  • Start of the lab meetings: Beginning on July 10, 2018
  • Public Exchange: October 10, 2018, 4800 pm - 10:00 pm (please keep the date free)

Digitalization Triple I-III

The laboratory series Digitalization Triple has a total of 3 content-based focuses:

Digitalization Triple I: "Artistic Space" (concluded)

The Digitalization Triple I: Artistic Space took place from November 2016 to February 2017 and invited artists and culture makers of the independent performing arts community to examine their questions dealing with artistic space:

  • What realms of possibility does digitalization open for the artistic space of the independent performing arts beyond digital theater marketing and the complete collection by the creative industry?
  • How does the connection between the performing arts and digitalization produce truly fantastic forms of performance?

Digitalization Triple II: "Illustrative Space" (concluded)
The Digitalization Triple II "Illustrative Space" invited artists and culture makers from October 2017 to January 2018 to (further) develop specific questions/ideas regarding the depiction and/or documentation of their art in digital space:

  • How does digitalization affect the illustrative space of art?
  • What relevance and what opportunities exist in the archiving and use of digital copies?

Digitalization Triple III: "Political Space" (application process ongoing)

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