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Simply and quickly offer, search for and book rehearsal space – online, around the clock and from anywhere. The Rehearsal Space Platform is a new point of contact between those offering and those searching for rehearsal space to bring offers and requests to Berlin’s independent performing arts community. The Rehearsal Space Platform also sees itself as a network for the community in order to network rehearsal space providers and thus strengthen their position in the city.

The Reheasal Space Café is a monthly event for networking, asking questions and discussions.

Who is the Rehearsal Space Platform intended for?
The Rehearsal Space Platform of the Performing Arts Program is intended for all artists who need rehearsal spaces in order to realize their work. It is also equally intended for those offering rehearsal space. In doing so, it does not matter whether these are institutions whose primary activity is renting rehearsal spaces or whether these are performance venues and artists who rarely and irregularly offer rehearsal space and only with short notice. Everyone is invited to register on the Rehearsal Space Platform and benefit from the opportunity to communicate their offers specifically and effective to those seeking rehearsal space.

Facts about the Rehearsal Space Platform (only in German) as PDF.

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Information Event for the Bestandsoptimierungsprogramm (BOP, or Berlin's Optimization Program for Existing Spaces)

October 29, 2019, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Kapelle am Urban, Grimmstraße 10, 10967 Berlin

With: Andrea Krause and Ralf Grützbach (Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe)

The Senate Department for Culture and Europe is offering rent subsidies for the year 2020 to private providers of rehearsal and working spaces in Berlin within the context of the Bestandsoptimierungsprogramm (BOP).
All rehearsal spaces with a size of 80 square meters or larger (possibly smaller for spaces serving the independent music community) that can be offered over a period of 12 months and receive no other funding from Berlin's Senate can apply until the deadline of November 11, 2019.
Over the course of this information event, Andrea Krause and Ralf Grützbach from Berlin's Senate Department for Culture and Europe will explain the funding criteria as well as the basis for calculation and answer any questions the attending space providers may have.

We kindly ask all interested parties to register by sending an email to:

Link to the call for application for BOP:


Aurora Kellermann | Editor Rehersal Space Platform
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